Thank you for visiting my site.

I am an Assistant Professor of  Philosophy and Data Ethics at the University of Oregon. My areas of specialty are Data Ethics, AI Ethics, Epistemology of Computer Simulations and Philosophy of Computation.

In short, I am interested in the philosophical implications of the design, development and deployment of computational methods and technologies in science and society.

You can find some of my publications on the following philosophical issues related to computational methods and data science (starting from most recent) here:

On What Kind of Trust Does AI deserve, if Any? (AI and Ethics)

On Epistemic Injustice and Data Science Technologies (with John Symons, in Synthese)

On error in deep neural networks and trust in medical AI. (in Bioethics)

On understanding computer simulations as scientific instruments. (in Foundations of Science)

On health, autonomy and AI diagnosis from social media content/data analysis (with Nicolae Morar in The American Journal of Bioethics).  

On the challenges that opaque computational methods such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data pose to democratic processes. (in Big Data and Democracy ed. Macnish and Galliott)

On Epistemic Entitlements and the Practice of Computer Simulationfor scientific inquiry (with John Symons in Minds and Machines).

On the epistemic implications of big data in science (with John Symons in Big Data and Society)


  • On explaining epistemic opacity in computational methods (Preprint). (Forthcoming in Science and Art of Simulation II: Epistemic Opacity in Computer Simulation and Machine Learning)

You can also find my dissertation work on computer simulations, which I completed under the supervision of Professor John Symons at the University of Kansas, here.

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